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Your last 1911

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If I bought that it would definitely be my last. The old lady would certainly kill me when she found out we would be living on the street.
Ok but not worth the $$ for my taste
well its not an ed brown but i got a ss springer champion and then sent it to springer to get a bob job and front strap checkered. them boys do mighty fine work and very resonable.so i got a poor mans ed brown
Almost $4000! :nuts:

That would be the last anything that I ever bought,'cause I'd be dead when my wife saw the bill!

And to be honest,there's other packages I'd pick before this one. It's nice but I'd change a few things.
If I spent that kind of money, the first and last bullet the gun ever fired would be into my forehead when my girlfirend saw the bill.
I am quite certain that is a fine weapon...but, I could and would purchase 4 Sigs for that kind of money...no offense intended on the 1911 format.
For that kind of money I'd go to a true custom shop operation - Nighthawks are nice, but they're not up on the levels of Ted Yost, John Harrison, etc.
I agree with going full custom for that price .. I want it my way not anyone elses
That sure is a grand looking gun. I would hope if I had one I'd shoot it, and not make it a safe queen. There is one for sale over at gunbroker I've looked at a few times, but it's out of my $$ range.
This is something I don't understand about Nighthawks......it is basicly a semi-custom production handgun, and priced WAY too high. A full blown custom would cost less and be more worth the price in my opinion.

I wonder sometimes if buyers think they are getting something really special when they pay that much money. Hell I cringe at the thought of $4000 for a Yost but would pay it before I would even consider a Nighthawk.
You Did see Larry Vickers will not longer let them market a pistol with his name on it just for this reason that its to hihg priced and he didnt work on it
Yeah, I saw that. Damn, it was such a nice gun, too. I won't be able to get one now, and despite the price I really wanted one. If only the price would've stayed at $2,800 instead of $3,300. I should've gottten it when it first came out, but after the price increase I hesitated and now I've lost my chance. I don't have the cash, and will NEVER be able to make it by March 8th.
They are in a Big competition with Wilson I feel. They almost are made exactly the same now. Yet even most of Wilson can be had for about 2000. I have shot a few of them and seen no reason for the price to be so high.
Will make a long story short ....I had the first Heinie Tactical Carry it's long gone from my collection, Get the Dominator $1000 less and a BETTER gun hands down.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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