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Your 2008 Wish List

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I do this every year what are you wanting for 2008

610 10mm
1911 9mm of somekind
Performance Center Wheelie
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1) a Fusion Elite
2)A Colt Gold Cup, (a older one.)
3) A Smith 1911 from Gunsite
A winning POWERBALL ticket!

I'll worry about the little details later.... ;-)
So far this is all I have and should be good for the year since the wife was nice enough to let me get a NHC GRP II and a STI Duty One.

1) STI Trojan .45
2) SW 642 .38 Special
3) CCW for the wife
4) STI Ranger II alt CCW for me
It is good when the wife is understanding about our hobbies, I feel very lucky most of the times sometimes I have to beg lol.
For my tour in Iraq to be cut down from 15 to 12 months. That way the 1st Christmas I spend with my son will not be his 3rd already.
RCRCUZ101ABN, I feel for you I been there bro, you stay safe and I hope your tour is only 12 months or less.
A new Range Bag

A new range bag to haul all my stuff to the range, took Primer's advice and ordered a bagmaster, it should be here on 12.21.2007
Great choice chief i am sure you will love it bro!
2008 wish list.........

1) Baer Heavy Weight Monolith 45 acp
2) Baer Thunder Ranch rifle
3) Freedom Arms 97 5 1/2" Octagon bbl 41 Mag
4) full custom 1911 from John Harrison
5) more money for hog hunting
For my AR to finally come in.
M1 Garand
Colt WW1 Repro
Smith Model 29 7 1/2 inch barrel.
357 snubbie for CCW
Taurus Judge
after the Omaha shooting incident and the media coverage on assault rifle I will definitely get in the gun show this coming weekend an inexpensive AK 47, probably a Romanian Century arms.

for Christmas a semi auto gunshot probably a Berelli M2 or a cheaper Mossberg and use the difference for another machine pistol

wish list for next year

Springfield M14
Full auto M16 or MP5
another Colt 1911.
For next year I would like to see RCRUZ101ABN get his wish.

And oh yea a Fusion 9mm for me. There should be some new models to drool over.
For next year I would like to see RCRUZ101ABN get his wish.
+100 We appreciate what you're doing...I've got friends and family over there.

Personally,I'd like:

A bigger safe(which I am getting when I finish my Man Room in the basement)

Fusion Elite .45 ACP

Take some training classes

Make progress towards concealed carry in IL
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Well, I`m not in any bad way for prized possesions here at home, and I don`t shoot enough to warrant having a full blown collection, but...I`m thinking if Santa was real good to me I might like:

1. A 1911 (Brand undetermined) in 9mm or 38 Super
2. Real nice shooting ear muffs.

I think that`s it :thinking:
All I really want is to RETIRE!!!!!! I already have all of the guns that I want......except for maybe an M1A, Amphibian suppressed 22, Thompson sub gun, BAR...............??????:rofl::rofl:
Automag that is when life really starts trust me I have retired now for 7 years and loving every minute of it !
Baer SRP with 1 1/2" guarantee.
OD a good choice bro! It would be on my list on top also.
OD a good choice bro! It would be on my list on top also.

If money were no object, I'd love to have a Singer.
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