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Who knows M1 carbines?

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Hi guys, an really knowledgeable folks here on this little gun? My dad carried one as a radio operator under Patton (3rd Army) and I've always wanted to get one.

Not looking for a super duper clean, collectible but as original as I can get in good shape that I wouldn't feel bad about shooting. I know there are lots of mfgs of these, at the shows I see everything from $350 (usually Universal-yuck) up to $1k. I think I'd rather get something "original" as opposed to the new one from Kahr/Auto Ordnance.

What should I check or look for? I know that's a lot, I appreciate any/all help. Thanks.
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The first thing I'd do would be to do some reading on the M1 Carbine forum of Culver's Shooting Pages.

Next, you might take a look at the CMP. They just started selling Carbines a couple of months ago.
In addition to sales info, that page has a link to an article on accurate shooting with a carbine (slow-loading pdf) that will tell you a few things to look for to get a good shooter, and explains the muzzle counterboring you sometimes see on them.
They CMP's Carbines are all USGI and run $419 to $575 for Rack Grade, and $495 to $675 for Service Grade. The link will explain the grades. They have been pricing them according to maker.
I don't know if they will continue this way, but thus far, they are selling them one manufacturer at a time...in other words, they take orders for Inlands until sold, then Underwood, then Winchester, etc.
The CMP has a forum also, and you can look at it to get an idea of what people are getting from the CMP. http://www.odcmp.org/new_forum/
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Thanks for the great reference, sincerely appreciated!
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