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was wondering if anyone else carried as much stuff around every day as I do? So here's my list:

anarchy sunglasses... model unknown but they are polarized
swiss army officers watch
wallet w/normal wallet stuff + swiss card lite
spyderco endura 4
surefire executive defender
ASP key defender key chain (kubaton + OC) w/ serbertool M3, photon II, and keys
Dan Wesson CBOB 1911 10mm + extra magazine loaded w/185gr Hornady XTP
Blackberry Curve w/ GPS

I mostly pocket carry
front right- spyderco
front left- surefire/ keys w/asp sticking out top for easy grab
back right- wallet

I do carry my 1911 and the extra magazine in an IWB holster (behind right hip) and IWB mag pouch(behind left hip) on my belt. Belt, holster, and mag pouch custom made by UBG. And the blackberry goes on my belt (right side between gun and front pocket) but is the only thing I carry OWB. I also usually have one or two pens stuck somewhere and some change.

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I'm retired and lounging around so pretty much all I have in my pockets is my cell phone in case the battleaxe gets off work and calls me.

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Starting at left front pocket:
Kahr PM9 Covert
One spare mag for same
Car remote with keys

Right front pocket:
Speed Strip for S&W 442 (on ankle)
Med bottle (RX and OTC)
Keys (that aren't for the car)

Watch pocket:
House alarm remote
Small Swiss Army knife
Tied together by about 12" of string (I hang it around my neck to enter the house, get up at night, etc)

Right hip pocket:
Small datebook
CRKT M16Z knife
Sometimes a checkbook

Left hip pocket:
Mech pencil

I usually wear Carpenter jeans with the pliers pocket...which has:
Leatherman Wave
The cell phone used to ride there, but it moved to the belt recently

Other than that...

I see people are including what's on the belt instead of just in the pockets.
That's different.
So add on the following:

Milt Sparks Summer Special with either a 1911 or Browning Hi Power.
Or an HK P7M8...As an alterante on the odd times when I don't think I can conceal either of those very well, and sometimes just because.

Horseshoe Leather double mag pouch with two mags (or one or two Comp Tac single mag pouch(es) or the P7).

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Do you guys wear suspenders to hold up your pants!!!:rofl::rofl:
You bet I do. I have said for a long time that suspenders are the best friend conceal carry ever had. For the folks that dont like the looks of wearing them, what covers the gun covers the suspenders. Never w/o them.:wavey:


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Ruger LCP with a spare mag in the watch pocket and a benchmade folder on a clip
flashlight surefire defender
wallet with normal crap
cell phone

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Do you guys wear suspenders to hold up your pants!!!:rofl::rofl:
Well, since you asked...yes, for two reasons, 1.)I am crooked from having been hit by a car and nothing fits right anymore, and 2.) my normal load out consists of a S&W1911PD with one 8 round re-load, a Leatherman SkeleTool, an Emerson Super CQC-7, mobile phone, ID/credit card holder, keys for my truck, an Ipod, and if I am going to be out and away from my truck after dark(not very often, and I have a light that lives in my truck) a Surefire 6P with strike bezel. Plus a FrontSight HideAway http://www.hideawayknife.com/main.php neck knife either on a breakaway chain, or pinned to the suspenders themselves.
It really makes carrying a load much more comfortable, I recommend them to everyone who carries.
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