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Please tell me about this gun and show some pics if you have them. I don't know much about Para's but love the look of this gun.
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guy at other gun forum I frequent got one.
Sad to report his were worst Jam-o-matic(last i heard) with HP ammo.
And don't even feed FMJ that well.
I know he sent it back through dealer. Haven't heard anything about it since then
Mine was a single shot with a large ammo storage area in grip.
I would strongly suggest the new Colt Agent or Colt Defender . Couple less rounds but they work. I have both and love them Both also feel better in my hand . Colt also isn't a cast pistol like Para.
I've shot Springfield EMP while ago, and i liked it alot. It was well made, flowless little shooter. I say take look at it if you can
Mine was a single shot with a large ammo storage area in grip.

I bought a Warthog when they first came out, and it was the same as above. I traded it in on a Remington 7600 30-06.
The Warthog does have a nice mean look about it...but in my experience, they just dont run very well.

I've been eyeballing the EMP myself (for my wife).
I have the single stack Slim Hawg. It was flawless out of the box and has stayed that way. Great Gun !
I have been eyeballing a Nite Hawg myself but if they wont run it seems a bit pointless.
I have 2 friends that own warthogs and they carry them daily.
They have worked from day one with no FTFs or FTEs. They run just fine.
Michael, which do you like better? The New Agent or the Defender?
I had a NiteHawg when they first came out.

The gun ran great, but the finish didn't last long, after 3 months it looked like I had carried it for 10 years in a sand paper lined holster....OK it wasn't that bad, but you know what I mean.

I eventually sold it off, for me the double stack just doesn't do it for me in 1911s.

Oh, spare mags will run you $49.00 a piece from the factory, $55? from Brownells, and don't even bother with the Promag magazines.
Yeah, Para's finish seems to be the weak point. My LTC is already showing some wear and it isnt even broke in yet.
I am very interested in this thread. A female friend is very interested in one and loves the look and feel. For her sake, I hope the reviews here improve. What concerns me most is, since I will be financier, sanitation and maintenence engineer on the thing, it better be a runner.

Since I love worn looking pistols, the finish concerns be not at all.

A range buddy of mine has one and carries it a lot. His runs great, but it's still only one gun.
I've got one and it is my daily carry gun. Except for being a little picky of what ammo it likes, (Hornady Custom 200gr XTP, NOT +P, works great), it is a great shooter. My wife carries one daily. She loves hers so much she made me refinish it as one of her Christmas presents. She now carries a Pepto 45. See the picture thread.
I love my warthog. It feeds everything to me. You have to lube it quite a bit, but I have over 1500 rounds through mine and it only ever jammed on me when I didn't lube it well enough, and at that only about 4 times in the same shooting session. I trust my life to it.
I came so close to buying one but it was sold when I decided. maybe I was lucky.
Had mine 10+ years now, daily carry as LEO BUG for 4 yrs(with 4-50rd full power +P JHP Duty ammo quals a year). The finish is a bit worn, but it never failed to work with any ammo I fed it ever!
I shot one a few weeks back let me say except having a little heavy trigger pull the gun ran excellent with Ball ammo.
12 yards two hand hold unsupported one hole group
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