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Hello forum members and 1911 enthusiasts. I thought this would be the best way to get maximum answers in minimum time. I own a llama especial originally chambered in 9mm largo/38 acp it has NO proofing marks on it and only a FIVE digit serial number-- I have been told this makes it EXTREMELY old and likely pre-'32. Another source says this has to be a 1932 due to the absence of proof marks.

What other brands of slides will fit this frame grip? I have been told that llama is not a true 1911 but does this means that ALL llama slides should fit this grip frame since ALL llamas are not a true 1911? i have inserted a 1911 .45 mag and it fit and locked in so in my head a .45 slide/barrel SHOULD mate to my frame right? I currently see the following slide/barrel combos on ebay this week: XI 9mm, a .45 max-1 and a minimax in .45. if either of these .45 slides will fit my rails i will grab one and have a conversion on hand. i would like to know if this XI 9mm will mate to my grip frame with no gunsmithing? if anyone has asked what cal i actually shoot in this pistol i have been a bad boy and used 9x19 which has "worked" even though the bullets actually seat EXTRA deep into the 9x21 chamber. i shoot light loads so as to make the stress on this OLD pistol less than factory loads.

for those nay sayers who hate llama i will tell you i have run hundreds of rounds of the wrong caliber thru this gun and it has always worked fine!! my finish is not so great but there are several parts inside with matching numbers so i am happy to have it. likely my unit was made during peace time and therefor no rush during production and GREAT machining.

so bottom line i guess is will a slide from the 70s thru 90s fit on this oldy but goody?
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