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USGI Ithaca Circa 1944

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This is the story of how I got my '44 Ithaca, I copied and pasted from another forum.

So the other day I'm at a shop and I here this guy ask the clerk if he buys guns, the clerk asks what he has and the gentleman responds with "Two old .22 rifles and a .45 Auto."

Well I don't know about any of you guys but when I hear .45 Auto, I look to see what's going on.

The clerk tells the guy to go ahead and bring them in. The gentleman has to be in his mid eighties and my heart skips a beat when he walks in with an old WWI flap holster, I ask the man if I can see the
.45 and he hands me the holster.

What he was calling a .45 Auto, turned out to be an Ithaca 1911A1 with U.S. Markings. I immediately asked him if this was his during the war, he then told me a story about being shot down over Germany with this on his hip, he was the navigator of a B17 and was eventually "captured" by the Russians(yes I said Russians).

He didn't go into too many details and I didn't pry too much other than asking if he had any family that may be interested in the 1911. He said no, and that he had no need for it anymore and asked if I knew anything about the gun. I told him that I knew a little and that the WWII guns were bringing in a good price these days. He asked if I thought if he could get $600 for it, I proudly showed him the Remington Rand up for sale in the case for $1900 and advised him not to take anything under $1000.

By now the clerk is giving me the evil eye and tells the man that the Ithaca is correct and that he can give him $750 for it, but he could sell it for around $1000.00 of course he offers to take it on consignment, but the man turned him down and waited outside. After a few moments I purchased my ammo and headed outside, the man was still there and we chatted for a few moments, he told me that he had someone coming to look at the gun on Wednesday, but if I wanted it he would take $1000 for it. Well I couldn't pass on it, I ran off to the bank and we headed back into the store. And now after all my rambling, here are the pics.

I greatly thanked him for his service as his kind are of a dying breed, he told his story like he was just out to Germany to pick up milk and eggs.

The insides were a little gummy, probably some oil and dirt from before I was born, but everything was in perfect order, I've seen used guns of recent manufacture in worse shape, the checkering of the plastic grips is still nice and sharp, the bore is still good, no pitting or crud build up of anysorts.

This gun represents a very important time in our history and I am glad to be the owner of it.

_JD_ said:
I've been hitting the net hard corps for info and found the following info.

Shipping info
September 9, 1944 1872588-1877587 5,000 Transportation Officer - Augusta Ordnance Depot - Augusta, GA

And it has the original mag, or a mag of correct vintage with the appropriate markings.

I've been wanting a vintage 1911/1911A1 for years, I'm glad that I was in the right place at the right time.
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Very Nice JD
Very nice, John.
While I think the gun is a wonderful piece, and I think you are very fortunate to have acquired it, the most important thing about the whole ordeal is the fact that you did the man an honest service. You told him a fair price for his piece whilst the shop owner had no desire for anything collectable. All he saw was some dollar signs, knowing full well he would have put a sticker on it for over a grand, or maybe he was a collector but playing his hand poorly. Either way, you deserved the opportunity much more than the shop owner.

I'd say that you did the honorable thing by not offering a price, but offering selfless advice, and making sure that no one in the family wanted it first, I'd say thats honorable in itself. The gentleman obviously thought so too, and rewarded you for it.

That Kleenex box is NOT WORTHY!!!

Awesome gun.
Very nice _JD_!!!!:smile::smile:
That Kleenex box is NOT WORTHY!!!

Awesome gun.

It was the only thing I had on hand at the time to prop it up on...

What can I say, hotel living while on the road is tough sometimes.:rofl:
Wow! Nice addition to the family, JD!
Love that story. Just as good as when I read it the first time.
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