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Upgrades for my Revo?

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Im kinda new to 1911's as a whole. The reason i jumped on a Revo is because I own several sigs and love them to death. What are some things that I can buy for it to tune it? The only thing I can think of right now is a skeleton trigger and thats more cosmetic than anything.

Even though it's my first I keep catching myself lingering over the other 1911's in the cabinets at the gun store. I think a Kimber might have to follow me home in a few months.
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First I would ask what range your serial is, what thousand range?

The sigs are actually done pretty good parts wise and they are very tight fitted. The skeleton trigger IS more of a preference. I know in the 500-8000 mark they used greider solid triggers and they are outstanding. The newer ones look pretty much the same but I don't know if they are greider or not. If you you like a skeltonized trigger though then definitely go with what you like. You only live once.

My 2 have good, tight bushings in them so I would't change them. If yours lock up tight I wouldn't worry about changing bushings. Reconvic has a newer ttt and he just put a Cylinder and Slide iggnition kit in his, so he can tell you what difference it has made. I'm sure he will be along sooner or later to chime in.
Super 3 I have the TTT and added Cylinder and Slide ignition kit and trigger
Here is a look I also converted it to a series 70 lol.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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