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I recently was at a friendly poker game when one guy got broke and he offered to sell me a pistol so he could stay in the game.The pistol is of ww-2 origin German M-37 which looks like a miniture colt 1911,markings are" Pistole m-37 Cal.7.65 mm ,German markings jhv over 41 ,with German birds ;serial # on gun,slide,barrel all match with original holster,clip has a little finger curl extended, also it has a short hammer spur witch is nice for carring in pocket. Digital camera is shot so thats as close as I can get to a picture. Can any one tell me any thing about this one,been around guns all my life and this is the first one i've seen. Not in any of my gun books but is seems very well made. Paid 175.00 ,know its worth aleast that. Anyone with infomation ?
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How about a Pic?
As explained earlier , camera is shot. Also forgot to mention pistol has a folding lanyard loop on bottom
Sorry i cant help without a pic to many to guess
I found this on another site....hope it helps!

My guess is that your pistol is a WWII vintage Hungarian Femaru Model M1937. The Femaru Model M1937 pistol was manufactured by Femaru-Fegyver-es Gepgyar R. T. of Budapest, Hungary. Approximately 200,000 were produced from 1937 to 1944-1945. M1937 sides that were manufactured under German supervision are marked "Pistole M.37, CAL 7.65 mm jhv 41" or "P.MOD. 37, KAL. 7.65 jhv 41" on the left hand side. The "WaA41" marking that you mention sounds like a WWII German Heerswaffenamt inspectors stamp but Model M1937 pistols should be marked with Eagle over 58, Eagle over WaA58 or Eagle over WaA173 on left trigger guard web. I was unable to find any information at all for a WWII German WaA41 inspector's mark. Perhaps you confused the jhv 41 marking on the slide with a WaA Heerswaffenamt inspector's mark
Plowboy; I didn't mention WaA 41 in post but otherwise exactly what you described. Thanks for the info,just I've never encountered this Nazi pistol before. Thanks for your time and effort.
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