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True Self Defense

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I have seen that one & it is great.
If you have not seen this it is a must see to know why to keep your mouth shut when the police tell you, "you have the right to remain silent."
Excellent advice.

ANYONE who sees this video stands a chance of NOT being convicted of a crime they did not commit.
It falls under the "who would have thought?" category. VERY good information.
Human nature would have most people EAGER to speak if they had done nothing. I admit, I would probably have done it also.
There may even be a fear of some people to speak thinking the police may see them as being guilty for NOT saying anything.
SO many reasons this video needs to be seen by everyone.
Thanks a lot for posting it!
Since I originally posted in this thread I've taken Massad Ayoob's LFI-1 class. He recommends the following script:

[1] That person attacked me.

[2] I will sign a complaint.

[3] Those people are witnesses (pointing out witnesses, if any).

[4] There's evidence (pointing out possible evidence).

[5] That's all I'll say now. You'll have my full cooperation in 24 hours after I've spoken with my attorney.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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