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The most fun I ever had

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The most fun I ever had shooting a gun was the Kimber Ultra Carry. Stainless, internal extractor. It was more accurate than the Thunder Ranch, easy to shoot and dead nuts reliable. No ftf, fte or ftf.
I sold it, to my great regret because I didn't like the sights. I know, I know. It was a moment to regret.
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I have the Ultra CDP 2 and darn certain would never sell it...although I have others I may like better...there have been no problems whatsoever with mine and the sights are fine as they are...I like Sig's sights better...but the gun is dead nuts accurate as you say....and reliable too boot....
I know, I know. It was a moment to regret.
Turn it into a moment to remember by purchasing a SIS Ultra. If you liked the Stainless Ultra, well, humm, . . . . you WILL like the SIS Ultra. :biggrin:
Sold one I regret too. It was a S&W 66. Holstered it in a Sparks PMK.
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