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In the past I have owned .45ACP 1911s manufactured by Colt, S&W and Kimber. Recently I have developed a preferance for 9mm 1911s. I have been super pleased with the performance of Pro Aegis II so this week I traded in the last of my SIGs a got a new Ultra Aegis II as a companion piece. I took both to the range this morning and ran about 200 rounds of 124 grain FMJs and a handful of Gold Dot HPs through the new Ultra. No issues at all except for one magazine that is still not always locking back ater the final round. Shooting off the bench and standing 2 hand shooting both guns were very accurate at 15 yards. Off the bench I got several 1-1.5" groups when I did my part. Great guns! The Ultra Aegis will serve as my primary CCW as soon as I get a few hundred more rounds through it. Anyone else shoot an Aegis or other 9mm 1911? Thanks, Dennis
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