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i have been takeing my kids hunting with me and the wife for a couple of years now that they are old enough to handle a full sized rifle without a problem for them..

we started them out by takeing them hunting with us when they where little and went from there ..

my youngest one tell me now that she does not belive in hunting anymore.but stills goes out with us to target shoot and trap shooting with her grandma and mom and sister ,,

she enjoys that very much she says like to trap shoot a lot more and regular shooting things that we do as a group

i am the trap machince guy i load the trap with clay targets and shoot them out over the field where we use for there trap and skeet pratice

i can not hit the boardside of a barn with a bird in the air and two barrel trap shotgun with me standing right next to and the barrel againest the barn sides :rofl:
and belive me there is a lot of money bet on me when we going a group that they think that i can hit a bird in the air that they seam to think it funny that i can hit a moveing target with a scope rifle but can not hit a little clay bird when it moveing

she and i had a talk a couple of weeks ago about the next year hunting spot that i wanted to try to see if the bucks would be there in the fall hunt season

she told me that she felt that hunting was not for her anymore and she would she help with cleaning and butching of the deer or elk that we take as a family group ..

i have allways told my girls that if did not want to do something they did not have to do it..

that when she told that she did like not to carry the 1911 pistol with her in the field instead could she go over to a revolver like here grandma has in my other post ..

she feels that the 1911 style is harder for her she says to pull back the slide and feed a round she would like a better system where it just drop a moon clip into the cylinder and snap it shut for reloading of the weapon and what a double action pull for safety reason

she has gotten the revolver and all other access item need and does pretty dang well it better than the 1911 pistol she carries

for now her colt commander sits in the safe waiting for her to pick it back up

she turned 14.years old this year and she has started to change in a lot of areas and something like boys and other things are just started to happen with her and sister with them comeing around and asking me and her mom if they can go out on sat night to the local movie and boweling alley here in my small town area

she started to grow up and i hope this just a thing that she going though at her age frame group

she will eat the meat that we have havested from deer elk and will eat about anything that we as a parents put in front her to eat

the funny thing is still belives in owning a pistol or rifle for self defense or just for fun target shooting ,.

she can still rattle off the combat shooting points that i have hammered into the mom and kids and do like a pro

and this is what i was taught by my grandfather many year ago..when i joined the military my grandfather sit me down and told this rules for gunfighting as he called pistol fighting..

one-put your man down hard in a gunfight-do-not paly with him playing is for a school yard

two- once the fight started keeping shooting and moveing if not shooting then moveing to a better cover or reloading when in movement and behind good cover

three- anything that worth shooting is worth shooting a couple more times in till the fight is done in him and he not moveing

four- distance and time is best friend if you can get out of a gunfight with a person do it move away from the threat as long as you can intill you can get can way without a fight

five- if your got shot it means that you have to try harder and put the man down that shot you there is no time out when the gunfight start

six- spary and pray works only the movie- use your sights and hit the target any thing else is a waste of bullets and your going to need those things
in a gunfight

my grandfather was a small texas border town cop back in the roaring 20 and up intill the 1950s era a small town cop and told these saying that he learned though the school of hard knocks:flag:

i never got to say goodbye to him when he died in 1982 i was overseas in the germany at the time stationed there

she is one start cookie my kid she knows that guns in the house are tools not toys like they see on tv and in the movies
she tells people that guns not bad but the poeple that useing them are makeing them bad
maybe this is the time that i have to let her go and spead her wings in life

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and sometime it painfull when you watch the littles one spead there wings and fly away leaveing the nest ..
and hopeing the knowage that you taught them will help them make though life..
be my dad pass away in 2003..he told my girls these saying ..life is hard eoungh as it without being dumb about it..
he told them to keep learning all that they can for it will better themselfs in the end

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Enjoyed reading this post. You are a great dad Hank, Mirando
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