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Whaddaya think, any suggestions? Any forums you would like to see? Did I make too many or too few?
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I like the new name, Pistolero. I think it'll draw alot of people to your site. Nice job!! :D
Thank You Dale.
The new name is sweet I think we all like it.
Thanks vic, I think it works.
Yeah, good name. As for suggestions, how about you put in forums for some of the semi-custom 1911s? On the other forums that have done that they've all been huge hits. It's just that "All 1911s not listed above" is about 20 brands.

Wilson Combat
Nighthawk Custom
Les Baer Custom
Ed Brown Products
Springfield Armory Custom

And then maybe a single forum for all the full-customs.

Just my $0.02,
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I definitely plan on adding more forums. I just stopped where I did for now. Originally it was going to be a sig1911 forum with just one for sig and another for the rest.:) Thanks for the feedback, they will be added shortly.
I'd suggest dropping the descriptions from the forums - just to emit a tone of neutrality and professionalism. I don't mean any offense, I just thought it'd look better for a forum that presents them all equally.:smile:
No offense taken Joffee. I accept all comments, suggestions and riticism's. I tried to take tag lines from the companies, but now that I think about it you are right. Thanks for the post.
Not to nag, but one more thing. Although it doesn't matter to me in the slightest, I just thought I'd let you know that you forgot everyone's favorite Baer knock-off ( :wink: :biglaugh: ) Rock River Arms.
Not a nag at all Kyle, I don't mind adding it. My memory is about as long as my ....nose any more and I appreciate feedback and suggestions.

Done Deal. We want any Rock River owners that visit to feel they have a place,:)
I would like to see a self defense forum for those of us who are not Veterans or LEOs that like/want to carry the 1911 for concealed carry.... thanks.
How about a concealed carry section?
The forum is great. One suggestion that I was thinking...

I'm not sure how many members of the forum are hunters, but a hunting section of the forum might get some activity. You know, for those of us who like to rest the .45 and grab the long guns!:cool:
OK, I'll go with that also and see what happens.
I was also thinking about a forum section for training schools like Thunder Ranch and Gun Site for those posters who can share their visits... I would love to hear comparisons of the different schools.....
How about a contest/challenge to create a 1911auto Forum logo and forum greeting/banner. I am not saying the current one is bad but think what we could have if the creative power of the members was unleashed. No prizes, compensation or favors would be offered. Just the intrinsic love of 1911's would be enough reward.
I like that idea snag.

Novak, I like the idea of a grips, holsters, etc. forum but I don't know about just a grips forum. The training one I will think aobut.
It would be up to you to set up 'O Great Site Administrator.:smile:
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