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STI will no longer sell handguns in California

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Hooray! Here's a company that stands up for what it believes.

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Good For them and i wish more companys would do that
Maybe I'll wander on over to the STI website and see what they have to offer. I would like to support them.
I wouldnt Mind a Trojan or Rangemaster Maybe next year
I will look at STI more seriously now for my next 1911.
My wife has a Spartan, and I have a Ranger II 9MM that I got in a trade. I'm picking up her Cristmas present probably Monday, a Guardian for her to carry. Everyone I know that has them just loves 'em, myself included..
STI trojan and Ranger II are on my wish list for 2008.
I know it doesnt sound very practical...but if everone who wanted to own guns that they cant have there would leave CA...Maybe CA wouldnt hold 55 electoral votes... and would not have as much influence over the rest of us. Just an observation.

EDIT: Way to go STI and Barrett
If you own one it should fall under the grandfather clause.
I actuall applaud STI and Barrett for taking a stand the rest should follow suit.
As an STI owner and a retired small business owner, I applaude their action.

I concur. This is the stance that should be taken by responsible businesses that support the 2nd amendment!

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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