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Have had a TJ in .40 since '02. While it did go back to the factory once for feeding issues, it was the slide that was milled to correct same. STI's mag release holds the mags higher in the gun so some don't work as well as others. {Check Virgil Tripp's mag page for info} At the time, STI did not have their own mags for the guns but Metalforms have worked fine without much tweaking.
Mine has been superbly accurate right from the start, even with own "Generic" hand-loads using TG & Berry's Plated bullets. IMO, their frame fits the hand like no other single stack & feels "perfect" to me.
What I don't like is the poly MSH, but that's easy enough to change out for little money plus intended to put-on a S&A mag-well anyway.

It's a great pistol for the street price of about $925.00.

Got mine from Dawson but would go with Brazo's now as they d/n do the best job of putting the Brown ambi on and delivered with wrong width F/OP front sight also ordered.
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