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Specs on my DW Race Guns

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On top is a custom PM7 in 38 Super, pre CZ, from back when Bob let you order pretty much what ever you wanted. I ordered it with a bare slide without any sight cuts, ramped 38 Super barrel, and a Wilson Speed Chute Magwell. I had Gary at www.gans1911.com do the slide lightning, thread the barrel and install the EGW compensator and slide racker. I drilled and taped the frame myself and added the Alchin mount with a C-More red dot.

I am running a 9lb recoil spring and a 17lb mainspring. The firing pin spring has a few links cut off and it has an extended Limcat firing pin. I run 6.7gr of 700x with a 95gr JSP bullet from Roze. I mostly shoot this gun at our local clubs falling plate matches, but have also shot a little steel challenge.

The gun on the bottom is a 9mm and was built for my 12 Y.O. daughter. This started as a stock PM9 purchased direct from CZ by my dealer. Slide lightning was again done by Gary at Gans Guns and it is just over 10oz. I did the drill and tap for the scope mount. It has an 8lb recoil spring and a 17lb mainspring. FP spring has many links cut off and also has an extended Limcat.

My daughter shoots this at the local falling plate matches. Her load is 3.7gr of 700x with a 100gr Berrys plated bullet. This has very little recoil. Here is a video of her shooting, you can see how little muzzle flip it has.


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Very Cool Thanks for the Details i would love to find a Pm9
Very Cool Thanks for the Details i would love to find a Pm9
The PM9's are so fun to shoot. I have 2 others that are stock. A friend of mine e-mailed CZ about getting one and was told that they planned to have more available beginning of next year. The last run did not go out to distributors so you will probably need to have your dealer inquire directly to CZ.
I didnt even know they were still making them i will have my Dealer inquire thanks
I am really impessed not only with your race guns but how well your daughter shoots her's You must be very proud Bad Oscar
She Can shoot for sure probley out shoot me ..

Now what kind of Dog was that at the end
Thanks guys, Yep I'm prowd. The best part for me is she loves to go and we get to spend time together. The dog in the vid is a golden retriever.
Enjoy it bro, they grow up so quick trust me my youngest is 26 already.
Wow great video.... she is to cool for words.... you should be very proud !!!!!!:wink:
I'll bet she shot better than Julie Goloski did at that age! I can tell you for sure she shot better than I did!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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