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I just got a Simply Rugged holster for my Dan Wesson PointMan Seven. Simply Rugged's owner, who lives in Alaska, usually works with revolvers, but does make models for most 1911 configurations, along with some other semi-auto pistols.

For auto loaders, there are two models available, the Tribute (photo from Simpy Rugged):

And the Open Top (photo from Simply Rugged):

Both are pancake-style OWB holsters, and are available with either two or three belt slots. The only difference between the two holsters is the thumb break on the Tribute model. They are available in black, brown, ox blood, or tan, and can be decorated with border stamping, fish scale stamping, or basket weave stamping.

I purchased the Open Top in black with border stamping and two belt slots for my Dan Wesson PointMan 7. The fit was exceptional, no need to loosen it up at all; not too tight, not too loose. Right away, though, I noticed something a bit odd: the body shield had a curved edge on it. I didn't really notice that all of the pictures have this, so I first thought that the body shield was bent in packing. I thought I'd have to put some leather conditioner on it to flatten it, but luckily, I first tried it for fit. It turns out that it is meant to be bent like that, as it curves around the rear sight to prevent any sharp edges from eating into your side or snagging while removing the weapon. Why doesn't every other holster maker do this?

The color (I bought black) is deep and even. The inside is smooth, with nothing to scratch the finish of my DW. Overall, the craftsmanship is superb; nothing to fault here.

Simply Rugged's founder and owner, Rob Leahy, has a real advantage over his competitors, though: This traditional OWB can be converted to an IWB holster with the addition of Simply Rugged's Inside Out Straps.
These straps screw into the holster above the belt slots (all hardware included). Once installed, they act like normal snap belt loops found on other IWB leather holsters.

But wait; there's more! With the addition of Chesty Straps, you can turn the holster into a chest rig.

Rob advertises that this would be great for fishers, and living in Alaskan bear country, it's not a bad idea. It is also good for wearing under a jacket or coat while driving, or for back-up while hunting. This is why I purchased this option. I wear a camo bib while hunting, so a traditional IWB or OWB holster will not work. In Pennsylvania you can't hunt with a semi-auto, but if you have a concealed carry permit, you can bring a semi-auto in the field. This will do the trick, providing comfortable carry under a winter coat or a spring jacket (photo from Simply Rugged).

NOTE: the bullet carrier on the holster is a revolver only option.

The straps can also be configured to go under one's arm as well (photo from Simply Rugged):

To fill out my holster package, I bought a single magazine pouch. Again, black with border stamping. The fit was a little snug at first, but inserting a mag and leaving it there for a while, everything is perfect.

The turn-around time for the complete set-up was only six weeks and three days, and was shipped via Priority Mail. The real kicker here? The price. Here's the break-down:
Open Top Holster (black, w belt slots): $50
border stamping: $5
Inside Out Straps: $10
Chesty Pull Straps: $55
Mag Pouch: $25
TOTAL: $145

Add to that a very reasonably priced $10 shipping from Alaska, and I don't know where else you could find a OWB/IWB/chest rig leather holster with mag pouch for that price!

I highly suggest that you checkout some of Rob's work: http://www.simplyrugged.com/index.html

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I have one of his too. The are good quality tough holsters. I did not get the Chesty Puller rig but raelly like the idea for a carry while hunting.
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