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Shoulder rig.

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If this should be in Periferals, feel free to move it. I will learn fast. I hope.

Shoulder carry gets bad press from some that do not like them.
The older I get & the stiffer my shoulders get from authoritis (sp:thinking:) the more I find myself requesting Lou & Kim as my personal bodyguard.
That is Lou Alessi - Bodyguard
Kimberly Kay - Pro CDPll

Installed & held near & dear to my heart.

Covers easily w/ a denim western vest. Compliments of my Mom. Thank you Maam.
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Thank you Sir
I sure do like it.
Nice rig, thanks for posting it longtooth. I'm moving it to peripherals.
After I found that forum I thought it should be there.
Thank you.
That rig looks like it fits you pretty good. Of course I'm sure Lou had something to do with that, right?
Thanks for the pics.
Yes sir he did.
Lou dont make no junk.
If there is a better on out there I dont know of it.
My 2nd choice was a Andrews Monarch.
Garritty makes a really good looking one too.
Nice rig, I love Lou's work. I have the Kramer shoulder holster and it's pretty nice too.
Longtooth that is one sweet Rig. All of Lou Alessi holsters are really sweet!
Very nice,very nice. Do you still have the DeSantis HRT?
Very nice .. i have been thinking about a Shoulder holster myself
No sir I sold the Desantis several weeks ago.
Bud, the older I get the more I find myself reaching for the shoulder rig.
Since I got this one, well, it is just so comfortable.
Like the looks of it, going to check that out.:shades:
Nice rig Longtooth. :bravo:

I like the shoulder rigs myself, I have an old Jackass "Miami Classic."
Before I found this one I wore the MCll. I always thought I would like the Jackass rig better for the littl extra cant. This is the only new shoulder rig I have ever owned.
Belt rigs: only my first was new until about a yr ago. I bought a new Comptac Infidel & have bought 2 Tuckers. One is still on the table.
Everything else I have ever had was someone elses rejects.
Still find some good deals today though.:wink:
I'd Like to try this onehttp://www.ccwsupply.biz/RossM43AVerticalShoulderHolsterPAGE.htm

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That one looks good too & meets all the criteria I have for a comfortable shoulder rig.
Wide shoulder straps.
The cross connection piece in the back spreads the shoulder straps & underarm straps out so as not to bind up around your neck. I like the band across the back too.
Go for it sir.
Only reason that one more than the other style is i find a 5" sticks out if i carry it horizontal .. If im packing a shoulder rig i figure might as well go full size..

Anyone packed a Horizontal ?
Mine is a 4". I saw a picture of a fellow packin a 5" horizontal.
I am not a ver big man & I have no chest at all. I would think if I can horizontal carry a 4" then anyone of average build or larger could carry a 5".
I would thank that.
But I get in a lot of trouble sometime when I thank of stuff.:thinking:
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