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Shotty pics..

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Anyone got some pics. of Mossberg shotties with some accessories. I'm looking for ideas for my 590. I'm thinking ghost ring sights, and aluminum trigger group to replace the plastic one and maybe a folding stock. Show your stuff! Front sight baby!
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Flat Primer, I am in charge of security on a 164' Westport Motor Yacht. I maintain all of the weapons on the vessel and my shotgun of choice is a Mossberg 500 Mariner with the Marinecote finish. It is an excellent shotgun for marine use but even with the Marinecote finish it still needs to be maintained!! We also have an assortment of 1911's and a couple of HK-91's. Sorry I do not have any pictures!!
Here are a couple of my Mossbergs


Mine is just like the top one salvo posted. No need to go take a pic.
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