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Shot my New Fusion Today - Range Report

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I recently received a Fusion Scout Elite XL in 9mm, with Ion Bond finish, and a magwell. I brought it to the range for the first time today.

I field stripped the gun last night, cleaned, and lubed it. The slide is the smoothest I have ever cycled! It had a "refined, precision" feel to it. The gun is nice and tight. Trigger pull is very crisp and clean. The Ion Bond finish looks great! Over-all the fit and finish was excellent. The grips were beautiful, and contrasted nicely with the ion-bond finish. The gun was also shipped with the necessary tools for take-down, and they also included two extra recoil springs (1 lb over, and under what was in the gun), which I thought was a nice touch!

On re-assembly, the slide stop was a bit difficult to install. The plunger seems a bit long, and I ended up having to push the plunger in a bit with my finger-nail in order for the slide stop to push by. Maybe there is an easier way, but I've never had this issue with other 1911's.

At the range, I shot from 25 yards. I put 150 rounds through the gun. The first 100 were WWB 115 gr ball. Then I switched to Remington UMC. This is the first time I have shot a 1911 in 9mm. The gun had a nice "pop" to it, and it was a blast to shoot. I really enjoyed the fiber optic red front sight. It was extremely easy to pick up and get on target. I only had the one mag that came with the gun and it work flawlessly. I have a Wilson Mag, and a Tripp Cobra Mag on order.

The gun shot about 4 inches low and an inch left at 25 yrds. The rear sight is adjustable and I adjusted the sights as I shot. I shot from a bench, resting my forearms on a sandbag. At 25 yards, five shot groups averaged around 3.5". I'm sure my technique was not the best. Honestly, I'm not sure what to expect accuracy-wise from a 9mm at this distance? The groups did seem to tighten as I shot more. I will do more serious accuracy testing after I have put 500 rounds through the gun. Brass ejected almost straight up, slightly to my right, and the ejection was consistent.

I had one Failure to Extract at about 75 rounds. About 1/3 of the case remained in the chamber. I attributed this to the dirty WWB ammo, and a dirty chamber. A small blast of CLP in the chamber, and I never had another problem.

Overall, I love the gun, and am already saving my pennies for a Fusion Long Slide! Fusion definitely gives you a lot of gun for the price!
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Thanks for the report. The more I hear about these Fusion guns, the more I want to see and shoot one for myself.

Good shooting.
I'm loving mine!!
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