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[FONT=Verdana,Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif,sans-serif]Shooting the Mover[/FONT]​

[FONT=Verdana,Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]Some tips I want to show you today are for shooting a moving target such as the mover at Bianchi Cup, but also you may see a moving target similar to this in IDPA shooting and some IPSC shooting. [/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana,Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]Now in open class at Bianchi, most top shooters have scopes that have the mover lead built right into them. Because, yes, even on these targets you need some amount of lead, because we shoot distances of 10 to 25 yards and that increases as we move back. So it has the lead built right in. Other shooters also have a base which accomplishes the same thing. And for Open Class it definitely is an advantage having these things to help with the lead.
[FONT=Verdana,Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]But, the Stock Class is a totally different deal. Now that I’ve got my Performance 38 Super, which I would shoot in Stock Class. I want to go through some of the basic techniques and tips on how to shoot the mover. The first thing you need to do is pick your spot on the target. Now for 9 millimeter, doing roughly 1,100 feet per second, its going to be approximately 5 inches at 15 yards. So you do need to lead the target.

[FONT=Verdana,Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]So the first thing I do is pick the spot on the target, get on it, now you must move with the target as you are shooting the shots. You must keep the gun moving the whole time. If you stop, your lead point will change and you will shoot behind the shot you are trying to hit. Let me show you this.

[FONT=Verdana,Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]Now if you were watching closely, you could see that I picked the spot on my target, put the gun on track and kept the gun moving through the whole shot sequence. Those are the keys, its just like shooting a shotgun, you’ve got to keep that lead, keep that gun moving as you fire the shots to make sure you keep those shots right where you want them to be. I’ll have some more tips for you next time.[/SIZE][/FONT]​
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