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I'd suggest that "Armorers" should be spelt as "Armourers" - not just a Canadian quirk, but the common and generally understood spelling.

Then I'd suggest renaming it 'Gunsmiths & Armorours' - we'd like to encourage both and, at times, the two do not coincide....or speak to each other!

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I don't mind adding gunsmiths to it, but the spelling will stay the same. The correct spelling here in the us is armorer.

Websters dictionary:

One entry found.

Main Entry: ar?mour, ar?moury chiefly British variant of armor, armory


One entry found.

Date: 14th century 1 a: a supply of arms for defense or attack b: a collection of available resources2: a place
where arms and military equipment are stored; especially : one used for training reserve military personnel3:
a place where arms are manufactured
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