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Mr. Serva, thanks for the quick shipping and response to my email about the problem I am having. My email server is down for now, so if you sent a reply I haven't been able to read it.
This is about the mount I bought for my Kimber Warrior.
When I tried to install the mount I found that it would not fit the rail on my Warrior. The Kimber website shows the Warrior as having a standard 1913 Picatinny rail. I measured my rail using my dial caliper. The slots are .205" wide and the bars are .176" wide. There are 3 slots.
The base on the mount would not fit in the slots of my rail. I tried putting the screws in just the side plates and they showed that the screw holes are too close too.
I did try to file a small amount of metal to try to get the mount base to fit the rail but I would have to remove too much material which would cause the screw holes to be opened up.
You asked if I wanted to return the mount or have it fitted to my rail. I would really like it to fit my rail as I have been looking forward to your mount for a while.

I don't know if your pistol's rail specs are different for the 1913 Picatinny specs, or if my mount base is slightly out of spec. If your pistol rail is different I hope this will help you market the mount for other pistols as it really fills a need.

I will return the mount, base and side plates. I will include a hand drawn diagram of my pistol's rail. Let me know if you need me to pay for the original mount base as I did file it to try to get it to fit.

I will check here until my email server get sorted out.

Jim Smith
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