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Stainless Guns are my cup of Tea!

That is a nice Stainless S&W 1911. I am a very big fan of Stainless steel guns. That appears to be one of the higher priced models judging from the Trigger and rear adjustable sights. Are those the grips that came with the firearm? Or did you add those?

I myself have owned three S&W 1911's. I had an early model of the basic Stainless Steel 5" barrelled 1911 with the "BillBoard" markings on the left side. Some people don't like that, but I always found that to be attractive.

I happen to buy and sell my guns quite often. I happened to sell that one. A few years later I purchased another 5" Stainless model without the Billboard, and I also purchased a "Commander" sized model SW1911SC, with the Stainless Slide and the Scandium Frame. Both guns shot great with never any jams. They were both very accurate. The lighter-weight Scandium framed gun was a favorite and less weight to hold up for extended shooting sessions. I used Wilson and Novak 8 round magazines.

The only thing I didn't like about the Smith & Wesson 1911's was the fine serrations on the slide. I found that after my fingers got a little soiled from gun powder residue and sweat, the slide became slippery and it was difficult to pull the slide back to chamber a round.

Unfortunately due to a period of unemployment I was forced to sell my gun collection to maintain the house payments and other bills. I have recently found new employment and look forward to restarting to build up my collection. When it comes to 1911's I was actually thinking about getting either a Springfield Armory "Loaded" Model, or perhaps a Kimber. The choice is straying away from S&W because of those slide serrations not being aggressive enough for me. I am also sad to see that S&W is no longer offering the "Commander" sized model with the stainless slide and scandium frame.

Good Luck with you S&W 1911, it's a real beauty!

Jesse James
Akron, Ohio
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