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RRA pictures

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Sticky for a RRA picture thread.
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Wow. I guess I'll be the first to post a RRA. I don't have it with me at the moment. Its at Birdsong getting the Black "T" finish. Rock River offers to send their 1911s for this finish as an option when ordering. I opted for the standard "Lustrous blued finish" and regretted it so its getting the Black T now instead.

I have the Limited Match. Its my favorite full size 1911, which is saying something, because I own several high end and semi custom models. The bluing is very thin and wears easily so I recommend getting the hard chrome or black T from the start.

Here's a link to the Limited Match, shown with the hard chrome option:

Here's a pic of mine I took before. I'll post more pics when I get it back from Birdsong. The only pic I have of it is with some of my other semi custom 1911s. Its the gun on the left. I ordered mine without front serrations for a cleaner look.

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I'm with you bac, I don't have as many "high end" guns as you, but most of the 1911's I do own have been to places like EGW. I have two RRA's.. a Limited Match and a Basic Limited Match and without question, they're the best 1911's I've ever owned.. I just bought a Nighthawk Dominator, so I'm real interested to see how it compares.. Anyway, I'll try to get some pic's up here shortly.


RRA 1911s are prety much a full-house custom gun for the price of an upgraded factory gun. hard to beat that. their rifles are great too.
RRA are real good weapons. Don't know if I said before or not, but the two guys from Rock River had work for Les Bear.
Did they? wow, that makes them even better. the only thing bad I've ever heard about RRA is that their machine-cut checkering can be a little sharp at times, but that could just be the shooter's preference.

Once I get a job and my CCW, I am seriously thinking of getting one of their pistols. I might buy myself one of their rifles on my 18th birthday too.... I'm counting the days.....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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