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Revo Problems :(

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I got my Revo back in May or so. Due to work I havent been able to really shoot it to very much. I might have >200 rounds through it at this point, my issue is it's just started to give me feed problems when it gets dirty. It's not feeding rounds 100%, it's not even doing it on a full mag when I drop the slide on the first round. So at that point I tried different mags swapping with a friend then giving it a quick rub down, oiling the rails etc. changing ammo and nothing. So I got home and scrubbed the hell out of the bolt face and the ejector gave it a super clean. I bought some snap caps and worked the slide with them and it fed properly. So I figured I just had some debri on the bolt face or something.

So this weekend I took it to the range to put it on paper and it was working flawless until I hit about the 40-50 round mark then it started not feeding again. It partially feeds the rounds into the breech and locks up, I'll eject and try another it might feed two out of the entire mag properly. I used four different kinds of ammo, some winchester white box, some remington, handloads, and I had a few rounds of cci blazer left all the same issue.

I start talking to the range guy and he figured it's still going through a break in period, then he asked me if I've ever heard of 'Limp Wristing' in this real smart ass tone like I just fell off the turnip truck outside and walked right in. I figured he was just trying to help so I didnt offer him a demonstration of my concept on pistol whipping.

At this point I'm pretty upset with my 1911, it's the sweetest shooting pistol I own when it works. I really havent noticed any abnormal wear on any parts, I'm going to tear it back down again when I get home to check it over in greater detail. My plan is to clean it and try to run another 100 rounds through it and see if anything clears up. Then I guess I'll just call Sig or take it to a shop here that's got a whiz with 1911's.
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My I suggest that after around 50 rounds thru her, I use a oiler and run a bore snake thru my pistols in matches, just to insure I will not have feeding problems.
An other cause can be your Mags, I really try to use Wilson Mags, just something to think about. The breaking in period is about 500 rounds thru any 1911.
Yeah I tried some wilson combat mags and nothing, same issue. I dont mind giving my gun a quick clean after 50 rounds but I kinda feel like I shouldnt have to, in order to avoid the kind of failures I'm experiencing. Hopefully I'll have time this weekend to run some more ammo through it and see what's going on.
Until you reach 500 rounds thru it really keep it oiled up well, it is the normal breaking in period I own a Sig Rev. in Stainless and it is broken it and I have worked on mine but it is 100% reliable and a shooter as well. Have you polished the feed ramp on the frame any? Also check the barrel chamber for a small burr that would also case the problem with a little build up of GSR.
Try and see if the extractor is building tension while you are firing it by pressing on the back of it to release it and see if it still jams.

Sounds like it MAY possibly be that you just need a new extractor. It was a similiar problem I had with one of mine. Pretty simple to fix.

In a break in period for a 1911 problems should be lessening the more you fire it, not being consistent or increasing, at least that is my opinion. The first 500 rounds let the parts sear together and lose friction, while gaining efficiency. If it is consistent through the next 100 rounds l would send it in for warranty work, they should be able to make the minor corrections to get it working for you.
Sixmax I agree with you on that all the way. It should be getting better everytime you shoot and settle in after 500 rounds are thru them. If the problem persist then I would send it back as Sigmax said also.
George at EGW said that some of the extractors they supplied to sig were bad. I have heard sig will send a new improved extractor to anyone that is having a problem, I havn't verified that. George also said if anyone is having problems with one they supplied to contact him, you might do that and talk to him. You may have one of the bad ones.
Got my second Sig Carry back from it's warranty repair and it needed a new extractor. You can tell a big difference in that the new extractor is significantly thicker and looks much stronger.

I am planning on doing a full write a little later.
Super3, It can be pretty frustrating. I bought a new Nitron Carry which gave me lots of FTF problems. I did everything I could think of of to break it in. Multiple trips to Sig and I just pounded bullets through it.

Long story short, Sig got me out of the gun and I chose a new full size Platinum. This gun has been absolutely flawless and a joy to shoot. A lot of it seemed like a waste, but Sig never abandoned me and I respect that. If you're not able to sort it out, you might want to call Victoria at Sig.
Victoria and ken are top notch people at SIG, Bill said it if after 500 rounds are thru her and you are still having issues contact either of them they will help you out. I know Victoria has a nicer voice the Kens, Bill lol.
Sig had a problem first with caspian frames being off and later egw extractors being off. To top that off they could not fix them when they got them returned. I believe even though they have gotten past it, not being able to fix them will haunt them for a while. Take Dan Wesson for example. If you look on 1911 forum in the wesson secton at the posts and polls they have had problems, but for the most part they have been able to fix them when they go back. That is a big difference.
I feel nothing can't be fixed by someone competent. As Jerry said Sig had many issues for a time there but I am sure they want to keep a good name still so I would think of returning it with a full explanation of your problem.
Super3, Amazing. Everytime I read your post it's as though you're going through and trying the same things as me - different mags, ammo etc. What was really frustrating is that I'd have some "runs" around 100 rounds without a failure. Many, many, times I'd pop 40 or more through. i even got asked about the "limp wristing" which was kind of annoying.
Because I'm not as experienced with this stuff, my first, second and third inclinations were to blame myself. After a point, I wasn't being fair to myself. I'd pick up other 1911's and they'd work fine.
I'm sure in no position to tell you what to do, but yours is so like mine, it's spooky. For whatever it's worth, I'd urge you to call Sig customer service. They'll give you a shipping label and it it will be picked up at your door. Gawd, I wasted a ton of bullets shooting mine. I wish you well.
Super3 if the problems are not resloved after what was posted, call Ken at Sig for further help, his direct line is
Super3, There's no Ken in the custom shop so, call the customer service, tell them that you have feeding problems & I told you to ship the gun back. Enclosed a note with the exact problems you have with the gun & I will take care of it.

I happen to know Ken, and have is direct line.IZK? You can call that number yourself and get his voice mail.
Since I'm in charge also of the custom shop, I know who works there.
Ken is probably in the customer service. Don't know all the guys there.

Ken does work in Customer Service and I have talked to a few guys in the custom shop and all have been very helpful. If you are the Foreman there at Sig I am sure you can answer most of the SIG question that have not been answered. Like when was it discovered that EGW had defected extractors and what has SIG done to resolve that problem permentley
I will only say that for a while we are using a modified & upgraded extractor to a much better & reliable part that does not break & improves very much feeding.
The same I modified/upgraded other parts that were not to my standards or specs & found other vendors to fabricate them parts to my demands (please don't ask what are the parts & when I did it).

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