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Ok couple of questions.
I am just now learning or have so heard that in order to work on someone elses firearms I would need to have a FFL.
Does anyone know if this is that true? From what I read there is some kind of liscense required.
which brings up the question that if I ever wanted to sell one of the Fusion Kits I have bought how would that work?
I do not have any plans to sell them I bought them for myself and plan on keeping them. but there was a point at which I thought another kit would make a nice gift for a friend of mine.
Or just spending spare time building these (finances permitting) would eventually lead to the need to sale some :) Not in my near future, anyway.

Would I need an FFL to resale a built kit?
How does Fusion feel about this?

Will any of it matter if Obama gets elected :(

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If you were to try and make some money off of it, and start it as a side business, then yes you would need a FFL, but if you just bought one, and sold it or gave it to a friend, it would be no more than a FTF transfer in which you would be responsible for knowing and getting the proper paperwork from your buyer, that says he/she is able to purchase a firearm.

However, if you wanted to smith on guns for other people, legally it requires a transfer of ownership, which means you either need a FFL, or be willing to take ownership of the gun. Having your FFL makes it much easier to do that. There again, this puts the burden on you, because while the owner needs to verify your legal ability to own a firearm, you have not only taken responsibility for working on their product, but you then must be able to verify their ability to purchase a firearm because you are really transferring the weapon back to them.

The other thing that limits you without having a ffl, is that everything must be done face to face. No one could ship you a firearm for you to work on, without your FFL.
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