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Reloading the short barreled 308 Winchester

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Yep...another one of those ongoing reloading threads...LOL.

One of my favorite loads...

45 grains of Reloder 15 (near max load...be careful)
Remington brass (Winchester is better...but I can't seem to find any right now)
CCI BR2 primers
165 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip
OAL 2.82 (mag length)
2,580 fps muzzle velocity (20 inch factory Remington barrel)

The Nosler 168 grain Ballistic Tip can also be used with that same data...its better for reaching "way out there"...its ballistic coefficient is .490 (compare that to the Sierra 175 grain MatchKing's BC of .496).
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Excellent bullet choice. THat is the one I use in M1A for hunting too.
Excellent bullet choice. THat is the one I use in M1A for hunting too.
Yep, at $15 a box they are hard to beat.
The .308 Sierra 165gr Gameking is an excellent hunting bullet based on the 168gr MatchKing.
I prefer IMR 4895 for .308 and .223.
168 gr. Nosler Custom Competition bullet (interchangeable with 168 SMK)
44.5 grains of Reloder 15
Remington brass
CCI BR2 primer
OAL 2.82"
2,575 fps (20 inch barrel)

Most accurate load I've ever came up with.

I have tweaked this load a tad...

I found that 44.5 grains of RL15 is more consistent at distance (tested to 600 yards)...with 45 grains I got a small amount of vertical stringing which I believe was due the barrel warming up and the metal expanding a tad...heavy barrels will get warm on the inside first and the bore diameter can shrink just a tad until the whole barrel gets warm all the way through.

That can wreak havoc with pressures (and accuracy) when you're running near max. (has happened to me before)
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