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from traveler's guide to the firearm laws of the fity states (2006 edition) by J Scott Kappas...a must have to carry in your vehicle when you travel.
Reciprocal states for MI
Michigan recognizes all states- EDIT: Resident permits only
Indiana recognizes all states
Kentcuky recognizes all states
Tennesee recognizes all states
Georgia recognizes MI
Florida recognizes MI
also all other states except- MN, NY, NJ.CA,CT,DC,HI,IL,IO,MD,KS,MD,Nebraska,RI

EDIT by Ridgerunner: No offense meant...but this is VERY out of date info...please try to only post up to date info...most of what you have here is still valid...but for the most part, 2 year old reciprocity info is not going to be accurate...these laws are constantly changing.
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