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I had purchased the RCBS inertial bullet puller and have used it several times. Sunday afternoon I ws pulling some 9MM rounds and on the third one the top of the retainer ring sererated from the body and went flying across the room. With the noise of the puller and the top flying off, your heart will jump just a little.:biglaugh:

Yesterday afternoon I sent an email to RCBS tech. support asking if they sold the top parts sererate and by yesterday evening I had a reply stating that if I would send them my address they would send me a new one no charge. Pertty good customer service if you ask me.:bravo:


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I have the model with the two-piece collet held together by a round wire.
This is always coming apart and i'm having to look for the pieces.

I just use a shell holder instead.

Place cartridge in shell holder and place in hammer. Put on cap and hammer away....

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RCBS has excellent service, the lockout die I got was a bad (they said they sent out a batch of bad ones) so they sent me a new one along with a box to return the bad one.

In my hammer I use a shell holder like pappy, works much better.
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