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Here is a short review I did of the rcbs lock out die shortly after I got my Hornady LNL AP. I originally did it for another board, but they decided they did not like my presence too much. I think it's a very worthwhile item to have if you have a press with a space for one. RCBS put out some that were out of spec and I got one, but their warranty is outstanding and they sent me the new one with a return box for the old one. That's just in case someone happened to get new old stock or something and got a bad one.

Here is an overall shot of the Die. The plunger that you see sticking out the bottom and top needs to be adjusted and that's done by grabbing it on both ends and it screws apart or closer together:

The best place to start is with the die screwed all the way into the bushing, or tool head. That way it stops the shell plate the farthest away from the dies making sure there is no powder dropped or anything if it locks. In this one you can see the white line on the plunger, it will need to be adjusted to where the white line is just above the top of the die with your powder load inside the casing.

Here is a shot of the bottom of the die. You can see it's solid like a washer with the plunger going through a hole in the center. If the powder does not push the plunger up to where the white line is just above the die the "washer" will not move and the casing stops right there. You cannot complete the cycle. If it has too much powder and the white line is too high the same thing happens. I have read that it has a 2 grain leeway each way, the same as the Dillon alarm die but I'm sure it's not exact because all powders are not created equal and one grain of one powder is different than another. When the plunghe, white line, is in the right place something unlocks and allows the casting to push the washer up into the die. There seems to be virtually no pressure against the "washer" when this happens so using this die really does not cause it to be any harder to press. I figure if you miss a powder drop or do a double one it will jar the heck out of you if you are going a decent pace, but I would rather that than have a squib or kaboom. Like I stated before all you have to do is back down slightly and pull that case off the shell plate to complete the cycle.

Here is a pic of it in the press and an empty casing being stopped by it. It doesn't go up far enough for other casings to dump powder, seat the bullet, etc.

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