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Rate Your Transactions

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These are ratings from before a separate forum was created. Please create an individual thread for each rating.
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Bought a carbine from postmaster. Great deal. Excellent communication. Fast shipping. Straight up guy.
Trader Feedback 2008

Had a good transaction with Reel Deal, nice to deal with and prompt shipping.
CAS Gunfighter

Great Transaction ..
Why Thank You Bud!

I enjoyed doing business with you as well.
Two Thumbs up for Automag and HBE Leatherworks!

Ratings? How about 10 out of 10?

Erik Larsen of HBE Leatherworks and Automag teamed up to offer a Holster for auction with 100% proceeds to go to the Saint Jude Childrens Research Hospital.

Automag gets a pat on the back for takin' care of business and Erik gets acknowledgement for offering the finest leather I might never have bought myself and being prompt and courteous to answer any questions I have had about it.

:1010: x 2!
I have bought from texasdoc & his guns were as described. Ours were FTF transactions & a good guy to deal with. Known him on another board for quit a while.
Just did a buy from ZeroTA & the mags were just exactly as described. Prompt shipping & I will sure do business w/ him again. If he has what you need it will be a good transaction.
Likewise for Longtooth. He got the money order out pronto! This is my second sale to him,and he is definitely g2g.

Sorry it took so long to post this. I kinda forgot.
No deal here sir. Hope we can do this again only aint it time for you to buy from me.:biggrin:
I have purchased items from Automag and RetiredRod and both of these guys are great to deal with. It is a pleasure to deal with folks like these on this forum. I look forward to doing business again.
+1 for Retired Rod, we did a deal awhile back that I didn't post up here. He is a pleasure to talk to and a good guy all around.


Thank you for the kind words. One of the big pleasures of this and similar forums is getting to meet good people of character and integrity whose "word" still means something.

Best wishes.....Rod.
Icecold is G2G

The deal could not have gone any better. Icecold is a good man to deal with!
:smile:same could be said for zero
Bud White's a good dude to deal with.
Od is great to deal with also ..
GottripletsNC is a good guy. 'Course we knew that,but I'm leaving feedback anyway.
Thanks TA, oh by the way, Zero TA is upstanding too.
My vote goes to Got Triplets. I've know him from way back and find he is a true gentleman....:bravo:
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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