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Range Bucket = etc.

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Being a Baptist Preacher in Tiny Town Texas there is not very much money most of the time. Country boy growing up we learned to use what we had.
I have never owned a real range bag.
Carried tools in a bucket on the farm & in the woods so that is what I made for my range gear.
Soap bucket w/ Lowe's nail aprons for inner & outer pockets.
Inside is everything from a small tool kit to a good first aid kit. (the blue box on the bottom.)

Coffee can holds carpet for gun rug when laying on a shooting table.
Blue Zipper pac is a cleaning kit. Put the lid on it & it works fair for a low seat.
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I like that idea, thats a good one. Was trying to figger out a good cheap range toter. Haven't really liked any of the bags out there. One thing that could be improved is a set of antlers for holding a rifle if you need to rack it up for repair or cleaning etc.
Good Idea. I will try to find a place to mount them.:thinking:
Why not make a set out of wood, that can just sit on the edges when needed and stored in the bucket when not needed.
I use a bucket, too.
Besides being cheap, it seems easier than digging through a floppy bag.

I have a hook-on pouch thing that I got from a Dollar Store, instead of one of those fancy Lowe's things, though!
You need about a hundred feet of ragged paracord tied on the handle. I find I use from that a lot.

The only problem is that people sometimes think it's a trash can.
I use my bucket at IPSC and IDPA matches, and even though my name written on the side in letters about five inches high, pouches around the top, and plastic ammo boxes inside should give them a clue...it isn't enough for some.

I've watched some of them walk up, look down in there to see if it's a trash can (where they have to see ammo boxes, screwdriver set, etc), then toss their trash in. It just doesn't click that it's not what they thought it was. If someone just tosses something in as they pass by I'll let it go, but when they take time to study it and still do it, I usually take the trash out and slip it into their fancy bag when they are shooting.
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Glad to know I aint alone in the bucket dept. Get a pic of yours too. I would like to see the Hook on pouch for when I need replacement.
Actually, I'm gonna need a replacement myself, since mine got torn and the tear is growing so it's about to fall apart. I'll take a pic if I get a new one.
Hey guys if it works for you then there is nothing wrong with it!!!:smile::smile:
I like the way you`ve got your bucket laid out....very organized. I have in the past used a bucket as well, but since I got a new range bag via promo from S&W when I bought my 1911, now I have a nice bag to use as well. Heck of it is, my old pail works better when I`m shooting right here at home in my back yard. It`s easier to deal with from basement to backyard.:biggrin:
I had never considered a bucket for a range bag. Hmm...
I actually use a PGA Tour hard-bottom duffel bag that I got at a yard sale.
Hey guys if it works for you then there is nothing wrong with it!!!:smile::smile:

I am with AutoMag on this one. I am a city boy and never even seen one before but that looks like it conceals good and fits all the needs of a range bag very good idea.:wink:
Is that design patented?
Never thought about using a bucket. Many times I've wanted a place to sit down at a match and carrying a folding chair is just TOOOOOO much. Also, I've shot in the rain before and most range bags don't do a good enough job keeping things dry. May just have to use your idea next comp trip. Thanks. The intelligence here just amazes me sometimes. I wish I was that smart! Tracy
Ping Ping,
It is not patented. I share anything someone needs.

It aint smart it is poor. Matter of fact when my ******* daughter was in high school she said in class one day that our family was preacher pooo.
One of the uppercrust in the class said, "It is pronounce poor."
Daughter never batted an eye telling her we were so pooo we could not afford the last r.
were so pooo we could not afford the last r.
:rofl:CLASSIC! :rofl:

I've had times of feast and times of famine. In the latter, is about reigning in the number of hobbies from five, down to one. All I do currently is shoot. None of my other hobbies could save my life.
Very nice idea longtooth. I love these ideas of making what you need cheaply.

I've got an old samsonite overnite case like this one taht I took the stuff out of and put some foam in to cut out places to vertically put some of my pistols in:


I would take a pic but I hve chaned thing s a couple of times and it just looks chewed up now. I need to get some more stiff foam. I have never bought a safe (I know need to get one) and I figure a burgler will not look twice at it.
No real safe here either. I do have a tool closet, chest, that l have lag bolted to the wall & anchor bolted to the garage slab. There are 2 key locks on the doors. That is a definate deterrent. It is big enough to hold my 3 rifles, shotgun, & a lot of gear. They could get in but it would take some real noise & I am a really light sleeper. They would have to come well prepared too.
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