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How many empty .45ACP brass fill a 5 gallon bucket?
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Id guess 3-4000 empty brass
From other sources best guess is around 5000
Ha ha I win , when do I get the new Fusion Chief ?:rofl::dancingbananna:
When we both are ice skating in hell:biggrin:
5127 to be exact!!!
Well I was close you must over fill yours AutoMag LOL.
i wish i had a 5 gallon bucket of 45 brass
Course a Bucket of 38 ,44, 45 colt ,500 smith , 460 smith , 357 , 41 mag and some others would be ok too
I would be able to handle that also. Last gun show they were charging $120. for a bucket of .45 ACP Brass out here.
I haven't even bothered going to the gunshows lately
In Nov. we had the years biggest out here so I braved the rain and went and brought some Ammo from friends I know LEO that sold me some good Ranger T Ammo at thier cost. Oh and a new reloading booking by Speers. Plus of course some tools to work on different guns.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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