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Put a p220 w german on lay away

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Well, I put a p220 w german on lay away today. They had 2 before and this is my second choice but I am still happy. It has some holster wear (I'll be putting more on it anyway) and hogue grips instead of the originals but I think for 479. it's just fine.
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we have a swiss 220 in 9mm at work that I drool on constantly, if it wasnt for the euro mag release I think I would have to acuire it.

Hope you get yours soon.
I only have one 9mm SIG P6

Made in W. Germany it is a Police P-6 which is like a SIG 225 now a days
it is a 30 year old pistol and my wife carry's it, in her purse, small put works great. I paid 400. for it
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redmonster13 said:
we have a swiss 220 in 9mm at work that I drool on constantly, if it wasnt for the euro mag release I think I would have to acuire it.

Hope you get yours soon.
Thanks Red.

These guys also have a p245 and a few other models as well. I am liking these older sigs a lot and lay away does a lot toward making up my mind.)

Nice vic. I think when I get the p220's I want I may branch out to other models. I'm a .45 fan but more can't hurt.
Sounds good!

Sigs are great pistols and I can't knock 'em,but I can't bring myself to like them. I've tried three Sigs and sold them all. I just keep going back to 1911's and revolvers.*

*and my Glock 19(don't tell anyone!) While I don't particularly like it better than anything else,for some reason I shoot it well.
I like sig p220's a lot, but ther's nothing lke a 1911. Nothing.
Sigs are sweet

Even to work on I enjoy them, the sear spring on the Sig is the key to a good trigger pull on them pistols yet no trigger can compare to a 1911 NONE in the same class i feel. :D
I already have a couple of p220's, well actually I am selling my P220 Super Match. I do have the w german p220 in my possession now. I have it cleaned and ready (have some springs coming) and so far I like the grip better than the newer Sig's I have. This one has a hogue grip on it and it feels good, the newer ones to me feel bigger. The trigger is also smaller on these and it feels perfect as it is. The newer ones da/sa I have to put a short trigger in and I could still live with something shorter except with the thin grips which make it feel just right. In other words the grip on the older ones seems a little smaller and I like it better. It has night sights and they are not as bright as my new ones but they are still bright enough. I doesn't have a rail but not a problem as this will be my carry when I go with a p220. It also has a us style mag release, but I'm guessing since .45 is not popular in Europe they probably all do.

I think I am going to like it better than the new ones, will try to post pic's later on.

Nice p220 Match vic, too bad it's only going to last you a few thousand rounds.:rofl:
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I know the alloy frame I use it as little as possible for that reason so far so good.
Jerry. I have a short trigger for a 220 if you need one Jerry just let me know..
Try some Alumagrips they have a slimline if you don't mind changing the bushings?
They are really then and yet have a great feel when grabbing it Jerry.
I would not worry in the least about a sig alloy frame wearing out. I know a number of people that have been shooting the heck out of their sigs for 15 years and more. Your 30 year old sig has had how many frame changes? Sig warranties them for life, but I havn't known of anyone having to change a sig fame in many years at all.

I already have a short trigger in my p220 carry elite, the super match sao doesn't need one and I'm selling it anyway. This w german p220 feels good with the stock trigger, it fits my hand much better. I'm not much on aluma grips, but I ordered the parts necessary to put the sig slim grips on this one. I'm not sure I will though, the hogues feel great on this one while the ones on my p220 carry elite seemed too big.
Hogues make it thicker the grips, since your ordered the Bushings for the slim grips, what type grips you putting on that beauty Jerry.
Right now I kind of like the hogues, but I will probably put slim grips on. You don't need to change bushings though.
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