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Pulled over with a car full of people ???

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I live in TX and have been pulled over a handful of times on the interstate. I have only ever had good experiences with any LEO.

I was driving 3 other people the other day though, and I wondered... what's the drill with a car full of people that don't know I am carrying? (I work in healthcare, and this was a car full of coworkers. We had a pretty legit reason for being in a big hurry on the interstate.)

When I have gotten pulled over in the past, whether carrying or not, I always hand the LEO my license and CCP, roll windows down, light up the cab, and keep my hands on the wheel. They always ask if I am carrying. If I am, they want to know where... but never any problems.

Well, if I happen to get pulled over with others in the car, any recommendations on how not to have that conversation with LEO in front of the passengers? (other than not getting pulled over in the first place :smile:)

Can you hand your license/CCP to the LEO and politely ask to step out of the car if he has any questions he'd like to ask? Just a thought... Thanks in advance.
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Welcome from another Texan. No ideas for you really. I am all ears to learn though.
I'd say you need to follow the same drill whether or not there are others in the car. Personally, I'd rather my co-workers found out I was [legally] carrying than get crosswise with the officer. Of course that might mean trouble if you aren't supposed to be carrying in your job, but I don't see any percentage in putting the cop out. Among other things, if he thinks or knows you're carrying, I doubt that he'll want you out of the car.
Not sure what forum I read it on but a guy kept a card in with his DL and CHL that told the officer he was carring and didn't want his passengers to know.
If anyone rides with me, they know I am carrying, if they object, they don't ride. Its my truck, car etc. Most anyone that rides with me already knows I carry anyways. If I have someone unusual ride with me, I tell them up front, so no surprises. As for riding with anyone, they know also before I get in the car.
Thanks guys. I had the thought too that the LEO, himself or herself might want to be a little more discreet about the conversation too. Who knows about that.

I like the idea of having the little card, but usually LE wants to know where, and the answer might vary depending on what I am doing.

Telling everyone in the car all the time... man, I just don't know if I could do that. To me, that's right up there with jumping into a conversation on politics or religion with every group I ride with. Just not sure I want to discuss my very personal decision with everyone I ride with. I'll have to mull that one over.

Thanks for the input! Anyone else?
If carpooling is more important than your Second Amendment rights, and the benefits provided by your legal CCW, then leave your gun at home. I wouldn't worry one bit about what anyone thought if I were exercising my rights. If they choose not to ride with me, so be it. Let them use the super-safe public transportation system! I wouldn't make it a habit of informing everyone who got in my car, but if the issue came up, let them deal with your legal position.
CT I understand about your concerns about telling your passengers, but people that would be offended about me carrying, wouldn't be riding with me. Thats the reason why I have no problem telling anyone. Besides, like I said, anyone that would or does ride with me knows that I am carrying.
A lttle more info

Okay, I'll give a little more info...

I am a clinical trainer, so I travel constantly. When I have the luxury of driving from home to wherever I am working, then I carry. When I say "coworkers", these aren't folks that I even necessarily know. They are just the folks I am training, and it often happens that when we go out, we have to travel some distance (sometimes 150 miles or more), and so we take one vehicle with all the people and supplies we need. So it isn't carpooling per se.

I work with different companies in the course of doing my job, not just my own. My company doesn't have any specific prohibitions, so I don't ask any questions about wen I can and can't carry. I don't worry about getting fired for carrying, but I do worry that the first time it gets back to my company, they may "set the record straight" and tell me that I can't any more.

So I totally get you guys when you say, "If they don't like that I am carrying, they can get another ride." But it isn't quite that simple. Believe me, no one could tell me that I'm not carrying in my own truck... except my wife, and she wouldn't. :nonono:
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CT I would just make up a card to hand to the officer. Just have it say that your carring and that you don't want the other passengers to know. I always carry in the same spot all the time may not be the same holster or pistol but it is always in the same area. I would add where your weapon is located and there should not be any other questions he or she would have. Good luck with your choice and I see where your coming from.
I like the card idea then for your situation CT
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