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Hi all,

i bought a used P16.40 Limited from a former USPSA shooter. He did some upgrades to it himself, and when I test fired it, I had no issues.

Now, however, I do. I am having failure-to-feed issues. It seems that when the slide strips the next round off the magazine, the round is running straight into the feed ramp and jamming. It doesn't stove-pipe upwards, or anything. It just moves straightforward and jams.

it came with STI mag's for the gun, but they weren't correct because when you slammed them home they would ride above the ejector! You had to ease them into the magwell and seat them gently...not for me when I'm trying to run through an IPSC/USPSA stage!

So, I ordered NEW para-ordnance magazines thinking it was a mag issue, and I still have the same problem. I also ordered Dawson Magazine followers and extra power magazine springs and that didn't help.

This problem still persists, and it's bugging me now.

When I bought the gun, it came with .40 S&W ammo that was loaded to an Overall Length (OAL) of 1.20". Factory is only 1.125" and I reload my rounds to 1.128 - 1.130" OAL. I tried the gun with the supplied ammo, factory ammo, and my reloads.....all had issues.

anyone have any ideas or can suggest a good Para gunsmith? I live in Southwest Connecticut.

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