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Primers is having problems

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Primers is having problems connecting to the side and hasn't gotten it resolved yet. He said tell everyone he will be back as soon as he gets it figured out. I gave him a few things to try but nothign has worked and he will have to talk to his provider it seems as the site is obviously here. So he'snot deserting, just delayed.
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Weird i had that happen over at DC before .. for a week i was locked out and all of a sudden bang it worked again
Yep, it is weird. It seems most of the time it's attributed to dns problems with your internet provider and I sent him a few things to try, but I think he's going to have to call them.
There goes the weekend
Yep, he said it's happening to 3 computers in his house so it can't be something on his computer unless it's a modem or router thing. I know it's not the website obviously.
Yeah i would say not since we can get one
Its probably not the same promblem he is having...but I had a few issues myself. I finally decided to try Firefox...no more problems.
I use Firefox but when i go advanced with all the smiley's it slows the browser down .. Safari doesn't slow down but isn't as stable in the new version they put out .. Don't ya love computers
Here I am, accessing this site through an online proxy. I spent an hour on the phone. What a drag. I am glad that the att tech guy told me about superproxy. So, I'll suffer along using that website to access this one until the problem is resolved. Hey, look at the bright side - I can visit this site. Now I'm off to the office Christmas Party. I'll be home late...
Have fun at the party Primers
Whew! I'm back. I've got pics, but are you ready?
As long as they are not of your butt :rofl: then yeah were ready
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