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Primer prices

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I'm not a reloader but I'm wanting to get into reloading my wildcat rounds,

I was just curious because I know you reloaders pay attention to primer prices, is this a high price or good price?

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I've been paying $120 to $150 per 1000 on GB, bout as cheap as you are going to find.
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Here's a suggestion.
Watch for estate sales, etc.
Even if you have to travel a few miles.
Get there early with a wad of cash.
I went to a sale in Graham, Texas about 2 weeks ago.
There was a FFL there inventorying more than 50 hand guns and long guns of various makes and models that he was going to sell for them on consignment. They also had primers, powder, brass, dies, presses, etc. The FFL offered them $500 for all of that while telling them he couldn't guarantee any of that stuff to his customers. Me and my buddy anted up $1750.00 and left there with 11,000 primers, 50 pounds of powder,(most unopened) lots of brass with 880 rounds being new unfired, bullets, 12 sets of dies, a RCBS single stage, a Lee Classic Turret, and a Co-Ax press. Powder measures, scales, calipers, micrometers, and a big plastic tub full of various other tools for hand loading. That was well worth the 100 mile road trip.
A lot of that stuff will not be openly advertised due to not wanting to attract the criminal element. At this sale when we arrived and my buddy recognized the FFL at the big vault door. Then I spotted a set of Lee dies for 10mm/40S&W and asked if they had other reloading stuff. They had all of this other stuff in a very well secured man cave built on a slab in the back yard. So be advised that at estate sales, garage sales, flea markets, etc if you see 1 piece of hand loading tools, there very well might be more that isn't openly displayed.
The stickers on most of those primers indicated that they had originally sold for anywhere from 2-1/2 cents to 3-1/2 each, but in today's economy they are basically worth 3 or 4 times that much...
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