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Price Check - SA Loaded

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I have a SS Loaded (PX9151LP) I am going to sell. I have been using it for carry but just can't afford to shoot it as much as I feel you should for a daily carry. I have all the original gear and papers (I didn't even send in the warranty card), 1 Bladetech holster, a High Noon Skin Guard holster and mag pouch, and an extra 8 rnd mag. It has about 750 rnds through. I was thinking about 700.00 for everything. Any advice out there?

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$700 is about the most you can get I think,and that's if it's in great condition. Can't hurt to post it on TheHighRoad.org though, and see if you get any takers. You might be better off selling the gear separately,too. Just my opinion.
I agree with ZeroTA, THR is the forum I'd try first.

Unless the holsters were for a lefty I wouldn't want them included with the gun sale.
I would list them all separate on gunbroker. I have had really good luck selling stuff on their and you only have to list it once since it has an auto relist.
Look at the grip thread. I will PM you with the info
Thanks for the info guys. Already made a deal on a Browning High Power .40 cal.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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