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Preventance Maintance Guide

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SIGARMS Academy Staff​
The following​
Preventative Maintenance Guide has been prepared to assist you in the
professional care of your semiautomatic pistol.

: Individual manufacturer?s instruction on the care, cleaning and lubricating of your
pistol should be
strictly adhered to. Refer to the owner's or Armorer manual specific to the
weapon system being maintained for manufacturers' recommendations.
Preventative Maintenance: a systematic procedure of cleaning, inspecting, lubricating
and verifying the functioning of the pistol.
Objective: establish and maintain maximum operational readiness of the user's
semiautomatic pistol.
The user?s role in the performance of preventative maintenance is to:
? Be sure the pistol has been safely unloaded ("check twice") and all
ammunition has been removed from the work area before performing any
preventative maintenance.
? Properly clean, lubricate and preserve the pistol and associated magazines
each time the pistol is fired or exposed to adverse environmental conditions.
? Safely inspect, troubleshoot and perform any routine maintenance on a
regular schedule.
? Safely perform a "function check" to determine operational readiness.
? Understand the agency's policy on the maintenance, repair, or replacement
of unserviceable weapons.
? Understand any liability issues related to improper maintenance,
unauthorized repair, or unauthorized modifications to the weapon system.
? Use the appropriate tools, lubricants and solvents in the recommended
manner when performing weapon maintenance.

: SIGARMS recommends that protective eye glasses or goggles be worn

at all times when cleaning your weapon.
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