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Pre 64 Model 70 Winchester

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30-06 with 24 inch barrel.Original purchase price,$120.95 in 1951.This rifle belonged to my father.It is a tack driver.I am going to put the original Lyman peep sight back on it.

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I got a old 1967 Catalog froma supply place up north and it brings a tear to the eye

Smith and Wesson's from 20-60$

New Remingtons from 120-150 .. i wish it was liek that today
Beautiful, Pistola!

I have my Dad's 1947 chambered in .22 Hornet

and picked-up this 1951 in 30/06 last year.

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Nice ! I'll bet that .22 Hornet is a lot of fun to shoot. Too bad they don't make them like that anymore.
Thank you Sir.

It is a lot of fun, I like it for groundhogs, a lot quieter than a .22/250. :wink:

Browning/FN is suppose to start making the pre-64 style M-70 again.

I have took more than a few groundhogs with the ought six. The recoil is stiiff because of the pitch of the stock. Muzzle blast is sharp also. :plugears:I hand load 130 grain bullets for groundhog. They shoot more accurately than lighter bullets I have tried and takes the head completely off. :biglaugh: :dancingbananna:

That sounds like fun.
Beautifu rifle, Pistola. Makes me cry that I sold my pre-64 model 12 in 16ga...Dumb!
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