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Point Shooting

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How To Practice Point Shooting Techniques

1. Stand close to a bank so shots stay on the range; not in the air and not in the grass. When shooting at objects, clay birds, and cans on dirt, when you miss, the puff of dust in the dirt shows where you did hit.

2. Try different guns.

3. Move slowly.
4. Bend Knees; try to lower your body a bit as you raise the gun. Think of it as "folding" into a solid position. Lower your body as your raise the gun for the gunman's crouch or Applegate "pump" action.
5. Use small caliber guns of simliar configuration as your carry gun when practical for the sake of economic practice. 22 conversion kits for your favorite carry pistol are ideal.
6. Practice a lot.
7. Move back farther as you progress.
8. Don't get in a rut. Try one handed, two handed, spin and shoot when you cross a line etc.
9. BE CAREFUL. Go slowly. Technique and muscle memory come FIRST, speed must come on it's own with CAREFUL PRACTICE!!
10 If your gun has a safety. USE IT.
12. NEVER holster a live gun quickly or with your finger on the trigger! Set the safety and holster it SLOWLY. General Patton once shot himself holstering a pistol. IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU TOO!!
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