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Pictures of your colts

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Please post pictures of your colts here.
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I love your collection you have OUTSTANDING taste and I see the work you done on them also very sweet.
I love your collection you have OUTSTANDING taste and I see the work you done on them also very sweet.
Thanks. I'll PM you a pic of my whole collection together at some point. Right now, my Kimber CDP is at my father's and my Rock River is at Birdsong getting the Black "T" finish that I should have ordered for it in the first place.

When I have them all together, I'll take a pic.
Nice colt's bac, you have me green with envy with all those nice 1911's.
Custom Delta Elite by Piper Custom

Here is a Delta Elite Stainless with TX4GUNS grips. Most of the parts are Ed Brown. The slide stop is Grieder which I know some people don't like. The sights are Heine night sights. I forget about the trigger but I think it also is Ed Brown. I'd have to check the list. The finish is matte all over with polished slide flats.

It started life like this:

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Sooner or later I'm gonna have to figure out my digital camera. Tracy
What a fine looking pistol. Attention to detail is perfect. Thanks for the pic.

I rescued this poor pony from a local gunstore for $450.

This is what she looked like after some TLC

Here is another I bought locally.

Here is the stainless with different grips before it was customized.

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Sweet looking SigWolf, You did some nice work on her.
Here are my Colts:

Left side, top to bottom:
38 Super Gov't Enhanced
38 Super Gov't Current Production
1991 Gov't, Mild Custom

Right side, top to bottom:
WWI Repro
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OOOHHHH, so nice.:tongue::tongue:
Here are my only Colt's to date!

My Colt Delta Elite in stainless!

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Awesome 44 Mag I see the porting job who did it?
Sweet looking Colts Chief, I like them sites you have on there.
These are Chief's Colts everyone

A bit of history on the M-1911, 30 years ago when my Dad gave me the Colt she was rusted up bad with a cracked slide. Rebuilt her. About six months ago she went to my smith Ray at www.delvallegunsmithing.com for the following upgrade:
C&S Hammer and Sear
Greider Trigger
Wilson Extended thumb safety
Wilson/Dwyer Group Gripper
Slight bevel to the slide
Slide ejection port lowered
Wolff springs throughout
Spradlin's Black Matt Tef Cote
Novak front dovetail sight
Trigger to 3 3/4 pounds
New Colt/ Pachmayr grips # 920585
Kept the following on her: King extended slide stop, wide grip safety and the rear Millett sights.
For an old gal she will print 1" groups at 25 Yards.
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