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Picked up a M1A Today

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Been waiting to get this one for awhile and since we all know what they look like how about a Tri Gun Pic

It shoots Very well i only got to shoot 29 Rounds though it as that was all i took planing on buying some bulk ammo but they were out and were also out of 308..

Now here is something i found odd the Barrel is Marked 308 and so is the box ..I expected it to be 7.62x51.. I know they are close to the same but not exactly .. but no big deal as 308 brass is easier to come by in reloadable form

Not the best shooting but not bad for the crappy ammo i had..I know this stuff didn't Group to well in other guns .. Can't wait to try some good stuff

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the far one on the left and far one on the right i called flyers i don't know what the guy was shooting in the next lane but brass bopping ya in the head makes for bad shooting

As ya can see by the pics i had to adjust the sights to the left some
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Flyers I disregard everyone gets them at times. Try some Blk Hills ammo and try it
your group will be tighter. You didn't use a Sling as a brace?
I just took it out of the box and shot it .. don't have a sling for it yet .. I'll start loading some ammo up and try that
Very nice Bud.

Howza 'bout some solo pictures of her?
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I'll try to do that this weekend OD
Good deal.
Yes a Springer
Bud, I picked up a Fed Ord M14SA back in 1991 when I had my FFL and paid $490.28 for it. Like a dummy I sold it and an M1 Garand to fund another project.:crazy: Man what a mistake that was!!! I bought another Garand and an M1 Carbine but have not found another M1A as yet.
I've got a M1A NM and love it.

Trust me once you get used to that rifle it will group much better than that.
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