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Our **** cat video

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Coming from someone who used to **** hunt when I was younger, I really got a kick out of this. Videoed this this morning on our back porch.

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Haha, I bet that cat was feeling dominant after that.
Yea she did. She had already jumped on him and ran him up the post on the porch before I could get the camara. He used to come up pretty regular and eat their cat food and I guess she got tired of it. :smile:
When I was growing up we had cats and their food was kept in an out building withn a place cut in the door for them to go in and out. When raccons's or opossum's would get in there they would wake everyone up in the house. I usually had to take care of the interlopers.:)
Haha, I bet that cat was feeling dominant after that.
LOL! I'll bet!
Hey Shooters, does your cat by any chance hang out with this one?
Haha... that bear should be ashamed :)

That **** cat is a well trained, finely honed Attack Cat!
I'm expecting that Cat has never really tangled with a **** that fought back. Or if he has, then I really don't want to tangle with that cat.
How did I miss this one Zack that was good. I would call him Top cat lol.
Brian since I have had a few cats and seen 1 whip a 100 pound dog and I have a few respect for the feline kind.
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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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