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Ok how many people are good at Weak hand shooting?

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I were taught to analyze the pattern of hits to help interpret our grip and trigger control. For a right handed shooter low-left generally meant trigger jerk when seeing the proper sight picture/sight alignment ("shoot now!!!"); high-right meant healing the gun with the palm in anticipation of recoil ("it's going to go off!!"); generally left usually meant contact with the frame with the trigger finger; and, generally low meant milking the gun with the little finger. An open horizontal distribution meant you were concentrating on aligning the top of front sight (not the vertical alignment) and an open vertical distribution meant you were concentrating on the sides of the front sight (not the top alignment). And an allround open pattern meant you were not focusing on the sight alignment...just the sight picture.

The answer to correcting problems is proper trigger control; proper grip control; and best...being "surprised" when the trigger breaks and the gun goes off. Remember that mere practice does not make perfect...perfect practice does. Analyze your shots and pratice the change that will help with correction(s).
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Dont know that I can make any claim to be good but I train regular at weak hand shooting. Draw & fire, reload, & failure drills. Work on them one hand also.
Proper trigger control and grip control make a big difference. That was my weak area on IDPA matches, then I practiced many hours dry firing to get it down where I can say I can now hold my own.
Im going to start left handed soon. My trainer wanted me to get right handed right first...
You will find at first it is very strange, I know I did. I was dissapointed because I feel I shoot pretty good even with one hand then I started shooting weak hand, I would miss the "A zone" in IDPA and was shocked. I knew I had to fix that problem so I just started shooting weak hand till I was calling my shots. It is still not my strong suit but I make a point of shooting it every time I hit the range.
Thats something I need to work on. Mine are not too bad, but their not great either.
What I'm still trying to figure out is I shoot my 3" Micro much better with my weak hand than my 5". Strong side just the opposite as well as with two hands. Hmmm.........
Cruiser, now that is probably because of the lighter weight you are controlling it better.
My weak hand(left) shooting is terrible! 2 years ago I tore the rotator cuff in the left shoulder and it's still too weak to correctly hold and shoot for very long. I won't let them cut on me so, it'll have to heal on it's own, if ever. (But I have noticed more strength the last few months)

Weak hand shooting is everyone's bug-a-boo, I think. Right?
I`m not very proficient weak handed either. It is something I really need to work at. I can hit the target with good concentration with slow fire, but when I try anything close to rapid fire, follow up shots leave a lot to be desired.
I don't do too bad. I have a slight advantage in that while I normally shoot righthanded, I am left handed. Injured shooter drills should be a regular practice.
i practice both hands and am just a tad slower on the draw with my right hand but accuracy is just as good
I'm about equal with each hand. I shoot pistols right handed. I shoot shotguns competitively and do that left handed. Rarely shoot rifles, but I do that left handed as well. Those things probably make shooting with either hand come more naturally for me.
I also continue to practice with both hands every time I hit the range but I sure am better shooting right hand , Yet I have learned alot by practicing shooting only weak hand for a while I think it makes one a overall a better shooter.
I lost the sight in my right eye for a spell as a teenager and when it returned my left eye was dominant so I was forced to learn to shoot left handed. So it just comes natural for me to shoot with either hand.
You didn't pick an easy way to shoot with both hands, Grizzly. Glad it all worked out for you. Eye dominance is a subject in itself.
I have shot USPSA for years and doing that you get to shoot weakhanded a lot, guess I'am about average. Now that I'am older, I shoot 1911 Society with what carry. That was shock because I don't have a big mag well on my carry weapon. Well back to more training to help the muscle memery, to put mag into little slot with speed.:shades:
Am I good at it? No, I wouldn't say that, but I do work on it. I sure am better than I used to be.

I not only think I might only have the use of one hand in an "encounter", I fully expect it. As a stay-home dad, I have at least one of our kids with me nearly all the time. If something should happen, I will probably already be holding the hand of a kid and if not, will be trying to push or pull it clear of danger. And I may or may not get that hand loose.
There is no way of telling which hand I will have available to shoot with.

Also, in the matches I've shot and training I've had where "hostile" targets were designated by having a cardboard weapon taped on, or stenciled on with black paint- I couldn't help but notice that the "weapon" gets shot up. Based on that, I have to think the old idea that we shoot for the most dangerous area, whether we realize it at the time or not, is true.

All together, I think the chances are good of having to use one hand.

So I practice drawing and shooting my "main" gun with either hand. I carry a bacjup on my weak side. I practice all the regular skills- drawing, shooting, reloading- one handed and weak-hand only.
Doing some one-hand/weak-hand mag changes will show that there is a difference in how easy or hard some guns are to manipulate.
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I try to practice weak hand shooting every range session.
I've got to confess. I don't practice it nearly as much as I should. So I'll be going to the range this week end to do some weak hand shooting, and I'll try to be better about doing it regularly.
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