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Check out Mark Alexander's take on the obamination:

No Obamanation Part 1: Barack who?

By Mark Alexander

(Part 1 of 3 on Barack Hussein Obama)

It is unlikely that Hillary Rodham Clinton can turn enough Demo super delegates her way to defeat Barack Hussein Obama for the Democrat presidential nomination. Her prospects for a big win in the 22 April primary in Pennsylvania are diminishing, and even if there were a Michigan revote and the Florida delegates were seated, it would not put Clinton over the top.

Though Clinton has pledged to “fight to the convention,” having pulled out all the stops she and hubby Bill could muster to sink Obama, the once seeming inevitability of her nomination has faded to black, and she may drop her bid by June.

So, that leaves us with Barack Hussein v. John McCain in the general election match-up.

McCain is a well-known political commodity with a long-established record, but who the heck is Barack Obama?

It’s hard to believe, given Obama’s exponential rate of poll climbing, that 18 months ago he was not a household brand.

Of course, for some, he was. Diehard Leftists became sycophantic Obamanites after his 2004 Demo Convention keynote speech. They, and Obama’s primary promoters, Jean-Francois Kerry and Teddy Kennedy, have been grooming him for this campaign since his Senate election in 2004.

Obama’s selection as the Demos’ 2004 keynote ensured his successful bid for the U.S. Senate, and a $1.9-million book deal to boot. The grooming exercise paid off for his true believers, though Obama is not much more than a lapdog for Kerry, who is, himself, just a lapdog for Kennedy.

This cadre of “useful idiots” comprised the sum total of those who took Obama seriously when he announced his candidacy last February.

How arrogant, Clintonistas thought, that this freshman senator from Illinois, whose credentials were little more than “community organizer” and state senator (oh, and “African-American”), would dare challenge the former co-president of the United States.

Asked about his qualifications to be president, Kerry said, “Because he’s African-American. Because he’s a black man, who has come from a place of oppression and repression through the years in our own country... President Obama [would be] a symbol of empowerment [who has] the ability to help us bridge the divide of religious extremism, to maybe even give power to moderate Islam... an important lesson for America to show Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, other places in the world where disenfranchised people don’t get anything.”

Of course, from Kerry’s “limo-liberal” perspective, I suppose that a black guy who lives in a $2-million Georgian mansion on Chicago’s South Side (with a little help from Tony Rezko) appears to have been “oppressed and repressed through the years.”

Kerry’s cosmological assessment notwithstanding, it is time to ask, “Who is Barack Hussein Obama?”

Well, like so many Leftists, his roots are shallow and broken...
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