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Well I just brought my LTC and mt new AR home. I will post a range report once I get out to shoot the Para.

The AR will end up with a few mods but at first glance the only thing I know I will do to the LTC is bobtail the grip.
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Browells has a Jig to bobtail it yourself, and then you can but the Bobtail main housing. If you work on your own pistols.
So I shot my LTC.

I headed to the range with 100 rounds and when I arrived the owner says I should try his 2 new wilsons he just got in for rentals. So I grabbed them and a few targets and took a lane. Being the only person there I just setup 3 lanes and loaded each gun and set it on the bench at the line. I started with the bull barreled wilson with target sights, it was nice but I dont care for target sights. Next I moved to the other wilson with the bushed barrel and night sights, it was very nice and I was thinking how smooth the trigger was and how very accurate I was shooting with these amazing guns.

I finally headed to my gun and shot the first mag, the accuracy was very nice, nearly as good as with the wilsons. The trigger however wasnt even close. So I continued shooting and I have decided that while those 2500 dollar guns are pretty and have amazing triggers, I can do a bit of trigger work to my lowly Para and have a gun that I am just as happy with.

I will however have to have a full custom now that I have tried a high end 1911. I have shot Kimbers and Springfields but this was my first time shooting a true custom and I think I am going to have a small financial problem very soon.

I will be going out to shoot the AR soon and hopefully no one hands me a Les Baer rifle.
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Little trigger work it will feel as good as the wilsons
Very nice!!!!
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